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Resize Master lets you batch resize and apply a watermark to a set of images. Also it allows to specify output image properties such as copyright meta data entries, format or color space. All options are presented on a single window for an easy and quick access.

Just drag and drop source images or a folder with images for processing to the application window. After that you will be prompted to select a destination folder to output processed files. After destination folder is selected the processing starts immediately.

Processing options

The processing options are described in the order they appear on the app window, from top to bottom.


Copy non image files. This checkbox tells what to do if a non image file is encountered among source files. If check box is set then such a file will be copied to the destination folder, otherwise it will be skipped.

Warn before overwriting files. If checkbox is set then the application will ask before overwriting files, otherwise it will silently overwrite them by new output files.


This parameter section specifies how images are resized. The popup button changes the resizing mode. It has following entries:

Scale down only checkbox forbids enlarging input images in any manner if set.

Usage examples of these resize methods:

Meta information:

This section controls how metadata is transferred to output files.

Copy metadata. If this checkbox is set most of the metadata tags (EXIF, IPTC and TIFF tags, etc.) from original files will be transferred to output.

Overwrite DPI. This check box and an accompanying text field allow to set a specific DPI value that will be written to the output files.

Add artist and copyright tags. Set this to add corresponding tags to output files.


To add a watermark to your images first select its position from the popup button. Then select a watermark image. Images with transparency do best as watermark images. Additionally you can set the Dx and Dy entries containing margins from image edges to finetune watermark positioning (except for “Center” mode where it is a shift from center).


Background button sets a color that is used in case when source files have transparency. By default it is set to fully opaque white color.


The first popup button specifies an output format (JPEG, TIFF or PNG). The second popup button sets an output color space. If the “Original” option is selected then the color space from source file is used (this feature is supported only for 3 component color spaces with RGB color model), otherwise the image is converted to sRGB/Adobe RGB.


Please send your suggestions and bug reports to email: resize-master-support@boltnev.com

Copyright 2010-2016 Alexander Boltnev, Olga Kacher.

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